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Full Kitchen Renovation

At Kings Electrical, we understand that the heart of every home is the kitchen. We specialise in fully renovating your kitchen space by providing expert design and installations.

Tailored Kitchen Designs and Installation:

Our kitchen design services focus on bringing your dream kitchen to life, ensuring that your cooking space is exactly how you imagined it. Not only will we design the kitchen but we will  install the lighting solutions, the power points and appliance installations, as well as the worktops, flooring, white goods, cabinets and everything else that comes with your kitchen!

Complete Project Management

We understand purchasing a brand new kitchen can be a very stressful time, that’s why we are here to support you every step of the way. We will manage every stage of the project to help give you that peace of mind and to seamlessly bring the kitchen to life, so you can start cooking delicious home cooked meals as soon as possible.

    Renovate Your Kitchen Area

    Kings Electrical specialises in transforming your kitchen into a modern and functional space, offering a full service from concept all the way through to design and finally to a complete installation:


    From the initial concept of the Kitchen, we can help you plan the dream surfaces all the way through to the perfect stoves. We will help you understand exactly what you need from your kitchen and then develop a strategy to make it a reality!


    After we have discussed exactly what you need from a kitchen we will begin the design stage, bringing your specific requirements into reality, whatever they may be! From cabinets, to sinks, to white goods, we are experts in designing a seamless fit for your kitchen. Our full kitchen renovations include the full works, from everything electrical such as lighting, sockets and white goods, but also the whole build, from plumbing, plastering, worktop fitting and extractor fans.


    Once your design has been perfected to your specifications by our team, we will begin fitting it, finally bringing your dreams to reality. We will handle the full installation process ourselves, from the electrical to the plumbing. We guarantee that the finished product will exceed your expectations, just look at the gallery below to see the beautiful work we have already done.

    Lighting Solutions

    Illuminate your kitchen with style and functionality. Our expert team designs and installs innovative lighting solutions that enhance the ambiance and visibility of your kitchen space. Whether you prefer task lighting for food preparation or ambient lighting for entertaining, we’ve got you covered.

    Power Points and Outlets

    Ensure your kitchen is equipped with ample power points and outlets for all your culinary needs. From countertop appliances to charging stations, we strategically install power points to enhance the functionality of your kitchen, making it a hub of efficiency.

    If you simply want your existing sockets inspected then we can help with that too.

    Appliance Installations

    Kings Electrical specialises in the seamless installation of kitchen appliances. Whether you’re upgrading your oven, installing a new dishwasher, or incorporating smart kitchen gadgets, our team ensures that the electrical components are installed with precision, efficiency, and compliance with safety standards.

    Call us now to discuss your perfect kitchen

    Give us a call to discuss the next steps into getting your dream kitchen. If you have been thinking about adding to your kitchen but not a full renovation, then we can help with that too.

    If you have been thinking about adding to your kitchen but not a full renovation, then we can help with that too, we can install lighting or anything else you can think of to finish your kitchen.

    Quality Assurance

    Rest easy knowing that when you choose Kings Electrical for your kitchen installations, you’re choosing quality and reliability.

    We utilise high-quality materials, adhere to industry best practices, and guarantee the excellence of our work. Your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. If you are not satisfied with the quality of you kitchen then please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we an discuss steps to rectify this.

    Contact Us for Your Kitchen Electrical Needs:

    Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, upgrading appliances, or simply enhancing its electrical features, Kings Electrical is here to exceed your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the expertise that sets us apart. Trust Kings Electrical to transform your kitchen into a modern, efficient, and beautifully lit space where cooking becomes a joy and gathering becomes a pleasure.
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